This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Minelands is the most Raid-friendly server out there. Show your faction can what you can do as a player! Join PLAY.MINELANDS.NET right now!

Minelands has a set of rules, which are set in stone, and are there to make everything fair for all players. Breaking these rules have variable punishments, but mostly all end up with a ban.

• No use of modified, or Hacking Clients. If we suspect that you are using a Modified client, we will permanently ban you, and remove any wrongly obtained items. We do, however, allow the use of Optifine.
• No PvPlogging. Fight fairly, or expect to die. If you do pvp log, just as a heads up, you will be killed by our anitpvplogger plugin and the enemy will get your stuff for free.
• No Spamming, or Advertising. Server Chat is for talking and communicating. Filling up the chat, purely for attention, or spreading a link, will end in a mute, or even temporary ban.
• No Excessive Profanity. If you are cursing a lot one of our staff will mute you and talk to you privately to figure out what the problem is.

All rules are upheld by both Staff and Players alike, but a Staff Member has the final say in every matter, so arguing against them is utterly useless.

Players that help and support Staff Members to keep everyone happy are more likely to be chosen to become Staff Members, when the server gets larger.

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