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Best Faction PVP server out there!


Hello! Welcome to DopplerPvP, a humble and loving Minecraft server. We are here available to provide you with a top notch, and high quality place to stay. The dedicated node we run our server on is very high-powered, so lag is quite minimal. We have many plugins and a great server host so the gameplay is very enjoyable.

Server IP

    Hardcore Factions
    Old Style PvP
    PvP Wars
    Amazing community
    Active Staff
    Custom Plugins
    No Harassment.
    No Cheating.
    No Chat Abuse.
    No Griefing.
    Stay Friendly.
    Conserve Beauty.
    Be Respectful.
    So what's different about us?
    We don't let donors have special advantages in event's or PvP.
    We have our own custom plugins for automation.
    Rare and valuable items remain rare and valuable.
    We also have an active staff who actually interacts in the server in a positive way.
    Visit us on our website at
    We have polls, news, and applications on the website.
    Also, please donate to help keep the server alive.

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