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Welcome to Angelic Survival!

Currently, our main focus is on attracting new players to the game. The server is currently under construction but we need YOUR help.

We have a forums, please check it out and sign up!:

We are recruiting staff and are in need of new players to get things going. Currently only the spawn and local area is built but that's the beauty of it; you guys are the builders!

The server has recently added BlockProtection. It protects ALL blocks placed by you guys to prevent greifing!

Factions are currently under construction, although should be up and running soon as well as the new MobArena!

Another protection precaution we have installed is "lockette." This plugin allows users to protect the contense of their chests by making a "[private]" sign. To do this place a sign on your chest with "[private]" on the first line. On the lines below add the usernames of the users you want to be able to access your chest.

Because the server is survival only, there is obviously no creative mode although the server does have a shop where you can buy/sell your items to earn money.

Not only that, but we have the plugin "MCJobs" installed. This means you can select jobs that are custom to you such as 'Miner' for example, that pays you money depending on the blocks you mine and collect.

Regular and helpful players are rewarded with items or promotions and we also have give-aways or competitions.

If you are interested in donating to help upgrade the server, my PayPal address is:

Thanks for your help, and we hope to see you on soon!

Server Owner

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