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Spartacus: Resurrection - Classic Prison - Faction


Spartacus Resurrection is the continuation of a previous concept several years ago, made widely famous through the original Spartacus server. Several senior players banded together on an epic project to recreate and modernize what was widely known as one of the most popular prison objective servers of that age.
This is our story - and we invite you to be a part of it.

This is your story.

Held prisoner by a horse-driven caravan, your days and nights were spent traveling in chains, waiting to be sold. Then, the thought occurred to you: all you truly desired was freedom. A somewhat aged man accompanied by four heavily armed guards approached the caravan. The normally passive shopkeep greedily touted his wares in a manner unseen before. Whoever he was, it was clear that he was an important and influential customer. Unswayed by petty wares, his stern eyes met with your pleading ones. Then the eyes of the shopkeep.

“I want that one to serve Spartacus and all of its glory.”

Nodding furiously, the shopkeeper quickly attempted to unbind your hands as a guard tossed a satchel of coins towards him nonchalantly.

“Oh.” The aged man said with a chuckle.
“You can leave the bindings on.”

You were sold to the Emperor of a far city called Spartacus, you learned on the long trek. After reaching the gates, you were unbound as the gates slammed shut behind you.

“Work, slave. Then I’ll think about the debt you shall repay me.”

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