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HorizonCraft - Looking for Staff! Survival and Cre


HorizonCraft is a new server ran by 2 friends who have years of Minecraft and Server Running skills between them. HorizonCraft is built for the average Minecraft player, regardless of age or gender, the server is made to make you feel at home and give you a fun and friendly server environment to play in your spare time. Everything on HorizonCraft is simple, there are no crazy plugins to warp the game into something it’s not, there are no bad community members there to ruin your game and there are no limits to the amount of fun that can be had on the server! We are currently looking for both normal players and staff.

HorizonCraft features two world, both a Survival World and Creative World with no lag at all!

The Survival World uses easy to learn plugins such as Essentials and LWC to make your Survival experience easier, safer and much more fun. With home sets, warps and teleportation you won’t find yourself lost hundreds of miles from your house anymore! Chest, doors and other applications lock to your hand, meaning looting is impossible, all your prized possessions will be available for you (and your friends) only! We are a no griefing server so you’ll be happy to know your builds are safe with us, we have anti grief and cheat plugins installed to keep our map safe and our players even safer. There is also a very simple economy system where money can be used to purchase blocks, food and any other item you may need, money can be exchanged between players to purchase others houses and shops etc. PVP is allowed in our survival world, however we are happy to make any player made towns non-pvp if requested by the town owner. The survival world on HorizonCraft is great for anyone looking to play a simple survival game of Minercraft without too much going on, it’s what we (the owners) wanted when we used to play daily servers, so now we’ve offered our dream Survival experience with you.

The Creative world features the PlotMe Plugin, with PlotMe you can claim square plots of land that only you and any others you add to build on. The plugin keeps your builds safe from any hazards and gives you a large area to work with to show off your building skills, and if you’re good enough you could earn yourself the Builder rank! The creative world is once again very simple and can be used by anyone, so if you like yourself a bit of creative then get yourself down to the Creative World now!

HorizonCraft features a ranking system for all players, the ranking system goes like this:

Default - Your average member
Builder - Great builders can earn this rank
Helper - Anyone that appears as a good server helper
Moderator - Higher than a helper with more control over players
Admin - The highest earn able rank for trustworthy players

We also have 4 donator ranks for anyone looking to have an advantage over other players and also support us hosting the server. The donator ranks offer you perks such as extra cash, fly, creative, more plots, more homes, nicknames and many more great commands!

If you’re looking for a new server to call home then HorizonCraft is the server for you, with a growing community, survival and creative worlds, helpful staff, simple commands and hours of fun we are here for you. We look forward to meeting you on our new server and we hope you enjoy your stay!

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Kerplunkk and BruntyBeano

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