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ShryneRPG is a fun new minecraft server with a great community! ShryneRPG is designed for people looking for an economy based RPG server. We currently have a small user-base, as the server has just opened to the public, but we are looking to expand and grow our community! Our server is looking for mature and creative players to join us in our adventures.


  1. No Hacking.
  2. No Griefing. (Don’t be that guy)
  3. Treat other players with respect even if you have a problem with them, just come tell a staff member.
  4. No PVP unless you have both agreed to it.
  5. No Stealing. (You wouldn’t want your stuff to be stolen right?)
  6. Don’t ask any staff member for and item/rank because you will be denied.
  7. No advertising for other servers.
  8. Have Fun!

Staff & Ranks

Here at ShryneRPG, we value dedicated and helpful staff members. We choose the top quality members to become our moderators and Admins. We currently have a small team, but they’re just as effective as any other.

Matt2424 (Matt)
Hymerid (Justin)
(We will be looking for more moderators as our community expands)

Plugins & Features

We have a multitude of plugins to enhance gameplay in our server. We have plugins such as iConomy, Essentials, Jobs, Towny and mcMMO. We aim to create a RPG feel to the server, so our plugins revolve around skills and in-game gold.


Donating is greatly appreciated. It helps us keep the server up, and support the server in the future. We intend to do what the community wants, and try to open new and exciting things on the server if we have the required resources. Donators will also get VIP, which gives you a number of extra features over other players (i.e. Enderchest). Keep in mind, once you have donated, there will be NO REFUNDS, and donating does not exempt you from the rules, and you can still be banned.

Suggestions & Feedback

As a new server and community, we would appreciate and accept any good suggestions and feedback. It helps us grow and expand our horizons to meet more people’s needs. If you would like to leave feedback, please visit our website, or contact any Admins or Mods.


Joining the server isn’t the only one way of communicating with the community. We have 2 other options of connecting with the community. Our website, is a great place to keep up with news, talk to people on the forums, and contact the staff, along with a bunch of other things! We also have a Raidcall group. Raidcall is a free-to-download voice program that’s similar to ventrilo, mumble and teamspeak.

Raidcall ID: 6048025

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