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This server is FREE. I DO NOT want any donations or money. This map is currently under construction.15,600 square miles (40,000 sq/km) ofmap can now be accessed quickly with 48 Warp towers, and 10 vendor towns. Password protected accounts. ( /register 'password password' and /login'password' )If there are any problems, let the ADMIN know. I'll add things if they are requested and fit the theme of this world. This is a cut throat, every man for himself, server. Only the most skilled at combat should enter here. Currently there are no plans to make a new map.Anything you build is very permanent. Griefing is allowed. Killing is allowed. Lava bathing is allowed. TNT is allowed. Surrounding someones bed with lava and walling it off so they die over and over and over again ... IS allowed. Because your a killer and you like it, like that.Enjoy...

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