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Ardent Craft


Welcome to Ardent Craft! We are a family friendly server who welcomes everyone, from everywhere. Our server has been running for the past 4 years, and we intend to keep it running for a whole while longer! We're a very open, and friendly community, who gladly welcomes anyone. Our server runs many of the basic plugins, but we also have a smaller, and enjoyable ones as well. Ranging from mobcatcher, to silk spawners etc. We also run a lot of smaller servers on the side, but please have a look at our website for that! We're currently in the mids of adding a lot of new stuff to our community. If you're wanting to get the member tag on our server, we require you to join our website: joining the website will give you many new commands, and also some "enjoy points" when you first join, these can be used for some rewards in the shop section on the website. We hope you would like to join our server, and do enjoy your time with us. Website: Our members like to communicate via Skype, and on our discord server. Our servers are dedicated to Bukkit, PvP, Feed The Beast and Creative.

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