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Factions 24/7. Fair Gaming No Lag. Mcmmo. shops.


Basics of the Server:
Factions, Towny/Survival, PlotMe Servers
Minigames coming soon!

Want to join a fun server? Milklandia is a group of servers that includes Factions, Towny, and a Creative world called PlotMe.


Our Factions Server gives players an intense pvp experience.


Our Survival Server gives players a pvp free experience, that is still fun to play. Survival is based mostly on our economy plugins, towns and plots. Players can create their own towns and nations. Taxes can be set for renting plots. To make cash you can sell to the server shop(Not yet open), or make your own chest shops.
The Survival server shop allows players to buy items with commands or from npcs. The basic commands are /buy {item} {amount} /sell {item} {amount}. /ebuy {enchantment} /esell {enchantment} /hb {amount} /hs {amount}. For a GUI you can use /shopmenu or interact with an npc merchant. Prices are based on the amount of items in stock, this is the Market Price. Taxes are applied to all sales and purchases and vary in amount.
Chest Shops:
Our chest shops are extremely easy to use. Place a chest, then a sign above the chest. On the second line put [Buy] [Sell] or [Trade]. Place the items you want players to buy/sell in your chest and then allow outsiders to switch in your plot. Players can then right click items in your chest to purchase them at Market Price tax free.

Basic Rules
No Scamming
No Hate Speech
No Disrespectful Speech
No Excessive Swearing
Minimal Swearing is allowed. (Jokes etc.)
Respect all Staff and other players.

Server Hardware:
38GB Boot Drive SSD
700GB Storage HDD
4.5 Ghz Quad-Core Processor
R9 280x

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