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CraftCitizen Survival

CraftCitizen Survival 1.15 PvP Mobs Shops Claiming


About us:

Craftcitizen is a Fantasy/Medieval themed survival Server.
We opened our doors on 29th of november after developing what we think is a completely new kind of survival gameplay. The world is a permanent map that is not ever reset. Builds, Farms and all of your inventory will be kept and stay protected even if you decide to stop playing for several months. You can come back at any time and carry on!
Our Staff acts polite and with respect. It will only intervene on demand. You will be left alone most of the time and you will have to write your own story.


If you are searching for a server to call home, Craft Citizen is for you. We are a 10 year old community playing together to have fun. Joining us means you agree not to use hacks or cheats. Our staff is will ban anyone trying to abuse our trust in you to keep our server at the quality it deserves.

Getting Started
"There is nothing easier than that."

The spawn is small. You just need to grab a boat and sail in any direction to get started. You will spawn as a Peasant on a small farm. Did you had a rough night in the Flying Raven Tavern? Where is all your stuff?Gather resources and build yourself a place worth calling it your home.

Version 1.15.2

Great new server with nice features that doesnt stray from the vanilla minecraft experience.

I love that you cant teleport but use portals instead and the custom skinned items are great!
Posted 20th Apr 2020