This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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MAGIKPVP [Survival] [Hardcore] [PvP] [Raiding] [Ec


MagikPVP is a new, 45 slot, 24/7 server. When you spawn, you will have $1000 in your account which you can use to buy a few basics from the Shop (armour, food, weaponry, potions etc.). After you have your starting gear, run as far as you can from spawn, make a base, and build your empire! PVP is allowed everywhere except spawn - where you are invincible.

  • Fastsouping enabled (soups heal 3.5 hearts instantly)
  • Click with your compass to target nearby players, and see exactly how many blocks they are away
  • Earn money from killing players (and rarely mobs)
  • /sethome and /home, you can have up to 3 homes (10 for VIPs)
  • Lose money by being killed (you only use a small amount)
  • Buy extra currency and VIP from our store:
  • Buy VIP to get in when the server is full and to get $7500 cash bonus every month
  • Voting gets you $$$
  • The Map is 7500-block radius
  • Solly576

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