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Survival PvE: (Spawn Built By: GodTiger, Scott_8888, ravelnaught, ProjectNygma, BuddyMaltese, InDeeDee)
Our Survival server has many things to offer for players to go and explore, we do not have any world border! So you can go and explore until your heart caves in from it! We are equipped with Lockette, LandLord, and FrameProtect in order for our players (SilverLegionaires) to protect thier land and belongings, however if somehow your land gets griefed our Staff come equipped with the tools required to fix the problem ASAP! There is about a 20% chance whenever someone finds Diamonds in our Survival World to randomly cast a potion (Spell) there is zero harmful effects they are all beneficial. We also have Crate Keys for players to get and achieve and can redeem them at our Spawn for awesome loot! Along with that there are TreasureHunts that spawn in our world (Near Portal 11 within 3k blocks). Like many servers we also have mcMMO at your disposal to use for however you would like! CustomEnchantments are obtainable in our Survival world and Skyblock for however you would like to use them for. The Nether and TheEnd worlds are both enabled on our server, even if the Ender Dragon is defeated we will respawn everything so other players can get an equal chance at finding and fighting the dragon! We also have a MobArena for players to fight at monsters that spawn!

SkyBlock: (Spawn Built By: Scott_8888)
In our Skyblock server we have the basic mechanics of what most servers would have.. however, we have made custom made islands (Starter Islands) for all players to use. Alongside players having their own Island we have added in OreGenerators which makes getting ores much faster than before. Nothing new you have to do for this either! Just make a normal old Cobble Generator and you'll have a random chance for ores to generate each time you mine the cobblestone. We also have a Skyblock nether for players to use its not a single island its the entire nether world that you have at your fingertips. We also will be holding things such as drop parties, treasurehunts, mines etc.. For SilverLegionaires to have fun and enjoy on Skyblock! We also have made things slightly harder than normal Skyblock, we have added in AcidRain. AcidRain if caught in Snow or Rain in Skyblock (Even in God and Creative mode) You will take .5 hearts of damage every few seconds, alongside that now swimming in water will cause you to gain a negative potion effect for swimming in it.

Creative: (Spawn Built By: GodTiger and BuddyMaltese)
We offer you a 128x128 size plot! All SilverLegionaires are given Basic WorldEdit commands once you have reached the rank Minstrel. And as you rank up with our ranking system you will be given extra plot claims the higher you rise. There are also Creative world Build Competitions that we will be hosting usually every single month! If you have any suggestions of what else we can add into our Creative go on our site and suggest them as we have open ears to all ideas!

If you join our server and donate to our server in order for us to keep it going we promise to use every single fund for the up-keep of the server! As an added bonus if we reach a large amount of donations and have enough to sustain the server for a few months we will donate some of our donations towards charities of your choice! (Thank you to ProjectNygma for suggesting this!) However! If you can not donate we do not care! We would love your support and love in helping us grow more and more! :)

Free ranks:
Steward: You start as
Serf: After one hour of gameplay
Minstrel: After six hours of gameplay
Craftsman: After fourteen hours of gameplay
Apprentice: After FiftySix hours of gameplay & 32 Votes
Falconet: After Hundred and Twenty hours of gameplay & 64 Votes
Dragon: Obtainable only by Server events

Donor ranks:
Knight: First donor rank
´╗┐Paladin: Second donor rank
Chancellor: Third donor rank
Noble: Fourth donor rank
Sorcerer: Fifth donor rank
Extra Ranks:
King: Sith donor rank
Bishop: Seventh donor rank

Staff ranks:
Trial-Mod: Gained after applying
Moderator: After Two weeks of being a Trial-Mod
Trial-Admin: Gained after being a Moderator and seen you can go further
Admin: Gained by being a moderator and being trusted
SiteAdmin: Not obtainable unless seen otherwise
Owner: Not obtainable

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