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---------------------------About us:--------------------------------

Exploration Craft is a Survival PVP Bukkit Server that has been around for over two years now. EXC provides great plugins to further enhance your experience and add a unique twist to normal Vanilla servers. We are a dedicated server that is operational 24/7 with little to no lag so that you can build your epic base without fear of lagging off the edge or falling with your precious diamonds into a fiery lava pit of death. EXC has dedicated staff to help protect your creations from hackers/griefers and answer questions. Our server contains things such as many player built towns that you can explore, a huge ever expanding road system to grant you a swift passage through the environment, PVP arenas, a grand shop that you may spend your hard earned cash in and a newly generated world that you can explore till your heart's content. Bask in our expansive world, unleash your creativity and overall have fun and enjoy our great community. Join the experience now!

-Many towns that you can warp to

-Many great plugins


-Organized events



-No whitelist

-Dedicated staff


  1. No griefing or blocksnatching
  2. No hacks or X-Rays
  3. No stealing from claims
  4. Respect players and staff
  5. No raging about PVP
  6. No advertising or
  7. Respect all genders, races and religions. NO RACISM
  8. Don't create contraptions for the sole purpose of lag
  9. Unless your on the Canada road don't build near other players without asking them first
  10. No nagging the staff
  11. No spamming.

[V]- Veteran rank
[$]- Donators
[JMOD]- Junior Moderator
[MOD]- Moderator


Slots: 50
Server IP:
We look forward to meeting you!

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