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Bauscraft is a hardcore factions pvp server .
We make it our priority to give you the best possible pvp experience that minecraft has to offer.
We have pvp oriented plugins to enhance the traditional minecraft style of pvp such as the ever popular plugin Mcmmo which we have tweaked to improve in some areas.
The staff is extremely fair and friendly they will assist you in everyway possible except they will not spawn items or help to abuse another player.
Subtlety pvp accepts both new and veteran minecraft players.
Join today and and claim your spot as the top Faction!

About The Server

-Experienced Professional Staff

  • Pa Arenas (A Kit PvP plugin)
    -24/7 Uptime
    -Brand new 1.3.2 Map
    -No lag Great host!
    -Great List of Plugins for PVP
    -No Faction Chest Protection
    -Tons of ways to get around Warps/ Sethome/ Tpa etc
    -Admin Shops to buy and sell items Also PlayerShops
    -Hardcore PVP with Tnt!
    -We allow stealing and griefing
    -Daily events
    -Incredible but fair Donator Packages


All Our plugins are updated regularly

Factions - Insta Fhome's/ No chest protection

Autorank- Auto ranks you for time in game

Floauction- Create auctions which other players may bid on

Mcmmo - Increased combat skill XP

Nocheatplus -

Essentials - Lots of Warps/ Sethome/ Tpa

MBox- Silktouch mobspawners


Worldguard - For our player shops and the bank

Chestshop - For our Player shops

Pvp Arena- A Pvp kit plugin for players


The Staff

Owner: Yourmajestey

Owner: Arnoldcosby

Mod: Sogbo

We are in need of staff
We are in need of staff!!

Staff Application:

How Old Are you?

What Staff Rank are you applying for?

Do you have any staff experience?

If yes, Which server were you staff on?

In What ways can you help with the server?

Do you vote daily?
(voting is one of the staffs responisibilties)

Do You have a Video Recording Device such as fraps?


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