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Welcome to the Sik-Gaming company we hope you enjoy our server.
Our server brings much more than just another minecraft factions server we also run a variety of gaming server and we host our own teamspeak i will provide the ip lower in the description that everyone can log on and chat with our friendly staff and players.

We as a company also run servers such as Garry's mod (TTT) trouble in terrorist town and other games like prophunt if you would like to find us on Gmod simply search us up sikgaming :)


Sick of corrupt and abusive staff members that ban mute and kick just because you express your right of speach well not anymore we take into consideration everyone's thought and opinions about our server and strive to make it a more fun and enjoyable server for everyone to play on.

We have also restricted out staff policies and commands so that our trustworthy staff cannon abuse or lie/scam our players doing so results in a demotion from there position you can upload all your evidence and thoughts to our website here

If you enjoyed our server please vote for ingame currency and rewards or leave us a diamond.

A few plugins:

and many more great plugins remember to donate for items/ranks/cash and more!!

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