This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Some of the plugins: Towny Advanced, Chest shop, Gates, Lunar Cyle, Player Heads, MCMMO, Master Promote, Dirt paths, BOSEonomy, ect.

Few server rules:
These rules have been created to make a safe environment for everyone.

If you are caught abusing the following rules it will result in one of following three penalties:
This is a Medieval theme server, please keep it that way and make your buildings look Medieval.

• Silence - Disables the ability to talk for the set amount of time.
• Temp Banned - Unable to join and play on the server for the set amount of time.
• Permanent Ban - IP banned from the server FOREVER.

If you are penalized, do not fight the staff in regard to the penalty, you will only make it worse. Learn the lesson, deal with it and move on.
When you are in someone else's claim, please be polite and follow the owner's instructions. If they ask you to leave, please do so without creating a scene. If you find an area offensive DON'T publicly announce it, just type /home and leave immediately.

Golden Rule: Use common sense!
• Abusing others users includings staff and players = zero tolerance:
• Bullying
• Cyber-Bullying.
• Insulting
• Trolling
• Flaming
• Racism
• Nazism - Hitler, Swastika and Jewish Hatred

• Do not excessively advertise faction(s) or other builds - rule of thumb once every 10 to 15 minutes.
• Otherwise chat gets too saturated and it becomes boring.
• Do not advertise other Minecraft servers.
• Refrain from advertising websites, blogs or videos, etc. (examples: Your Facebook, your Tumblr, your YouTube)

• English only UNLESS there are no other English speakers on. If someone else asks that you speak English then you must stop using another language and/or take it to a PM. Using another language to bypass any of the rules will result in a 7 day ban.
• Spam
• GibberishJibberish
• Unnecessary and excessive caps are annoying. Do not use caps to advertise.
• Profanity is not tolerated.
The server has a profanity filter. If you abuse or bypass, it might result in a ban.

· Do not cheat/hack on the server. This includes using external clients that are designed to harm servers.
· Do not use gameplay mods on the server. For example Rei's minimap is allowed but Smart Movement is not.
· No offensive skins.
· Do not use someone else's chest without permission, even if it is unprotected.
· Do not help people build or alter any builds without permission from the original builder.
· Do not place random blocks and leave them there. This includes pillaring.
· Cut down trees completely instead of leaving random flying leaves and trunk/wood.
· Respect people when they tell you to move away from where they are building.
· Do not impersonate staff or other users. This will result in a permanent ban.
· No discussions, buildings, tags or skins of an illegal or sexual nature, i.e Drugs, Rape, Torture, pedophilia (or paedophilia) , Torrents, Piracy, Pornography, Sexual acts, etc.
· Do not bother Staff to get you or your friends unbanned from the server as it is just an annoyance, you will be unbanned as we see fit.

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