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Seriously Vanilla


Enjoy an adventure in the wonders of vanilla minecraft. With protected builds, no PVP, and endless adventure, Seriously Vanilla is the place for you. Join with friends and roam the Minecraft countryside, build mansions, tame horses, trade goods. Do all of the things that make minecraft so great, without the hassle of griefers or thieves killing you and pillaging your goods. This server is strictly survival, so minimal assistance will be given by mods, except for incident response.

We use the plugin Grief Prevention. Here's a rundown of how it works:

Grief Prevention

This plugin is used to do exactly what its name says: prevent griefing. It does this by allowing a user to create a claimed area use claim blocks. Each user starts off the server with 100 blocks and their first chest, by default, sets up their first claim automatically. Also, each user gains 100 claim blocks per hour of non-idle play. The user can either choose to extend this claim using a golden shovel or create brand new claims also using a golden shovel. Each new claim must be a minimum size of a 10x10 area. After a user create a claim, they can then alter who can build, access chests, and use levers/buttons by using the commands "/accesstrust" "/containertrust" or "/trust" with the player's name they wish to grant rights to. Access trust only allows players to use levers/buttons. Container trust allows players to open chests and use levers/buttons. Trust allows access to build, open chests, and use levers/buttons.

This video made by Grief Prevention's creator explains in detail:

Come check us out guys.
Have fun. Seriously.

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