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We are a fun and active server with 6 GB of RAM to keep all of players lag-less. We have a total of 100 slots and we love when we can get but one player at a time to fill up each and every one of those slots! We will listen to everyone's ideas and concerns on both the server and our website page, and we encourage everyone to tell us what they think could help us as the staff of RedstonePowered! On our server we have many things that enhance the regular minecraft game play. Some of which are the bukkit plugins;

Towny - A claiming plugin that allows players to start from a little hamlet to a civilization! You can add your friends to your town, toggle a diverse amount of settings and options, such as pvp, mob spawning, and firespread, but is also a great way for any server admin or player to protect their builds from grief.

Multiworld - A plugin that allows the making of multiple worlds. We use this to make worlds for things such as the spawn, the freebuilding world, and a world for minigames!

mcMMO - A plugin that adds skills and abilities to the world of minecraft! You can level up, and become a stronger payer as you go along. Also, if you level up to certain levels in a skill you can either gain an ability, or just make doing that thing easier.

SignShop - One of our main economy plugins allowing the making of money through selling and buying. Also you can do many other things with SignShop such as activate a redstone source or give a kit.

All of these things make our server unique and fun. If you have any more ideas that could keep the spirit of minecraft yet still add on to our server in a good way then please speak up and tell us! Have fun on RedstonePowered!

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