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BinaryChaos SMP


BinaryChaos SMP is a hardcore difficulty Minecraft server which strives to encourage the vanilla Minecraft experience with a low fantasy, dark ages theme. The server is based on persistently changing political anarchy, cloak and dagger politics.This is a 100% Vanilla server.

We strongly encourage joining up with some veteran players upon first joining the server to get a feel for our play-style, we strongly encourage light medieval role-play in your build and play-style. When building, things that are useful and structurally sound and preferred with medieval theme, rather than 1x1 dirt spires and lava falls. In-game trade, kingdoms, economy, and towns are all encouraged. Any in-game laws are to be imposed and enforced by players. Protect your own.

Server Rules:
NO SPAM (via chat, redstone or entity count that can harm the server)

Plugins: None

Owner/Admins/Moderators: Lupich, Daevid, Kingroger777, trapless

Other: We have a fresh world map as of 1.7.2.
There is a small safe house at spawn that players can use to get started.

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