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ZumaCraft v2.0
IP :
Survival at its finest!
Zumacraft v2.0 is an updated version of Zumacraft, In which we have a grown community and a lot of improvements that have been aimed to allow more fun for the players whilst still keeping it at the best of survival. We have introduced more plugins that allow a more interactive response for the players to communicate and play with each other, Including chest shops for your home! Buy and Sell all your goodies and just have a great time!
Since the Zumacraft update we also have a new update on the staff this includes new staff members and staff ranks available, Not only this but there is now more ranks available to the players and soon within more updates hopefully more ranks. These ranks allow for more commands and benefits for the players to use making survival even more fun that it originally was. All our ranks now run off of time and therefore if you put the time in you will get rewards out of it.
Current rules as of v2.0 :
No Griefing
No Stealing/Raiding
No hacking or cheating
No Spamming the chat by any means purposely
Respect the other players on the server
Please don't ask staff for items unless you are offering a trade
Don't spam the staff members with pointless requests
Please be respectful of any other policies listed on the server
Current Ranks as of v2.0 :
Staff Ranks :
[Helper] - [Trial-Mod] - [Mod] - [Senior] - [Admin]
Players Ranks :
[Survivor] - [Elite]
Whats different about Zumacraft from other servers? You will find that the staff are so much more responsive to the players in a way that allows a closer relationship between them, Also the players on our server are all respectful of each other allowing a fair and fun time for everyone! Unlike many servers we listen to what the community wants and if we find that something needs improvement for the sake of the players we will do it as soon as possible usually within a 24 Hour period. However this does not mean that everybody could request a plugin and they would be added in. Too keep the server as Survival like as we can we have first discuss the plugin deciding how it will benefit players but also how it will affect the server. If it makes the server lower than the standard we aim to achieve then we simply deny the request. Some plugins are currently being looked into and planned.
Current Staff Members :
[Admin] Zumasail
[Admin] Avocado (Avodas)
[Moderator] TheKevinTrejo
[Helper] Gillibee
We currently have a smaller staff team than most servers due to the smaller community, As more players join we will most likely see an increase in staff members, This is why the staff applications are always open and read however we will not take action upon hiring staff members until the time is required to hire more.

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