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Okay first off I would like to tell you a short description about our server, then give a full description.

Short Description:

First off in the Jestercraft Gaming server you will start out at a main spawn, then pick a world out of the six that we have available and start playing. The available worlds are Survival-Hub, Battle World, Teams, Donator, Zombie Survival and Kingdoms.

Full Description:
First off you start in a main spawn, pick a portal/world, if you have the permissions.
Worlds that are available: (Note: This list may change) Survival, Battle world, Donator (If you donate.), Zombie Survival.

Each world and description:

Old Survival:
No factions allowed full pvp and raiding.

Roleplay series and awesome questing.

Zombie Survival:
In this world you may join a map with others, survive the zombie horde and find the hidden Easter egg.

Battle World:
In this world you may join a queue for a free for all match against 3 other people, Join a queue for Capture the flag, Join a queue for Coliseum mode where it is last man standing wins, or you may join a queue for a tournament when it is available.

In this world you are awarded commands that are useful for your survival, based on how much you have donated. Commands such as useful kits, healing self, god mode and much more!

In this world you essentially pick a team for the kingdoms world, make sure you read all descriptions of each kingdom before you choose.

First off you pick a 'Kingdom' in the teams’ world, and then you get teleported to the kingdom you picked essentially. You pick a class such as laborer, city-guard, soldier, and citizen... just to name a few. the main objective for your kingdom is to protect your city (if you’re a city-guard), capture certain points based off of what your captain says to capture(if you’re a soldier). There are classes based off of your kingdom, what properties it takes on. The main 'Point', or 'city' is named cyctill, This city is in the middle of the map, the only way to get to it is to scale the GIANT mountains that are around it, or to go through the dangerous tunnel that is leading straight for the city. There are 'sub-groups' for the soldier class, such as archer, swordsman, mage, there are some classes that you get based off of your kingdom, and also there are some classes you donate for, such as Engineer, Max, and Frenzy.

Worlds that are in development:

Finished but waiting for kingdoms world to be finished.

Under Development (75% done)

Battle World:
User playable, Free-for-all and capture the flag is finished.

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