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Hello Everyone! This server is pretty simple~ Nothing too complicated :P
First join and pick your favorite type of pokemon and then pick your kingdom!
Each kingdom offer a great beginner item for you to start :)
Player from different kingdom can pvp people from other kingdom in survival area!
You can ride your pokemon in this server! :)
We have plot for people to buy so they can build a lovely looking house without getting grief! Or if your not a type of a builder guy~ you can alway buy a house in adventure area. We have house that you can buy for cheaper price than the plot!
We have mini game for you to play like tetris, slot machine and other awesome game! ( Super Smash Bros, Hot potato, kingdom paintbal challenge and more )
We have gym leader on adventure area and tower leader as well! Instead of elite 4. We pick the 4 main kingdom to be the elite 4 that you can fight to be the Pokemon Master!
We have Shop, Challenge and more to earn random reward!

We really need builder in the server and gym leader as well!
If your interested please answer these few question and play the server atleast 2 days to be promote ( if accepted ).

Gym Leader type :
Poison Type Leader [Open] (50% complete city)
Grass Type Leader [Open] (35% complete city)
Fighting Type Leader [Open] (0% complete city)
Ghost Type Leader [Open] (0% complete city)
Flying Type Leader [Open] (0% complete city)
Bug Type Leader [Open] (0% complete city)
Rock Type Leader [Open] (0% complete city)
Mix Type Leader [Open] (0% complete city)

Gym Leader Application :
What the type of pokemon are you interested in?
How long you been playing pixelmon mod?
How long you been playing pokemon game (gameboy, dc and ect )?
Are you going to be on often?
How are you going to deal with annoying player that doesn't listen to rule?
Why should we pick you as our gym leader?
What is your ign?
How old are you?
You must play atleast a few days to know about server before being promote.

Builder Application :
What is your ign?
How old are you?
How long you been playing minecraft?
Have you ever attempt to build anything big?
What is your style of building (house, pixelart, city or anything)?
Do you have any experience with worldedit or worldguard?
Please show me some of your building work :D
Please get on and let me know your interested to improve our server ^.^

IP :

Please Give me feed back about server! and what I need to improve this server! Thanks everyone ^.^

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