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News: Updated to 1.7.4! Adding New Features!

About: TradeCraft is an online Multi-Genra server which contains Faction, Survival, PvP, MiniGames, Creative, and more!

Currently Looking for:

  • Builders
  • Plugin Developers
  • More Players!

    Moderators and Admins: This server has 8 Moderators and 2 Admins which are online daily to ensure the safety of the server. We are always looking for more Moderators, just send an application form in the faction world and drop it in the 'mailbox' (hopper right beside the signs). People who are abusing their Moderators/Admin powers, Please contact xEndlessVoidx In game, or by email at

    Basic Server Rules:
    1: Have Fun
    2: No Hacking/Exploiting/X-ray/Cheating
    3: Respect everyone.
    5: Play Fair
    6: No Abusing Moderator/Admin power
    7: NO Advertising other servers!

    Have Fun and Good Luck!

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