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Welcome to EdenCraft.

Edencraft isn't like any other minecraft server. We thrive to create the best survival experience you've ever had. With a great community and the best staff behind us, we invite you to join us on our epic journey. Here at Edencraft we host a fair but fun server. Noone is or ever will be overpowered, greifing or unstoppable. We closely monitor the servers economy and make tiny unnoticable tweaks to make sure that everyone has a fair time. That's not to say we don't award you for hard work! Play on the server long enough and be friendly and you might just get a server rank! These ranks consist of different levels of trust and maturity, and come along with a nice set of perks, but you'll have to earn them to find out what they are. We highly appreciate people who help out the server a lot. This can consist of builds, being friendly and being helpful. Doing any of these things will definately get you noticed by one of the staff members, and you will be credited accordingly. Anyway enough of the babble, onto the gameplay.

Edencraft currently has one server: Enhanced Survival.

But nadr_! What is Enhanced Survival?

Enhanced Survival is what makes us unique. Enhanced Survival is the sole purpose of playing minecraft. It's survival, but better. Ranging from random events, custom events, random structures and more, there's never nothing to do at Edencraft. But if you do somehow ever get bored or find yourself having nothing to do, let us know your ideas on improving the server! Suggestions are how we improve. We closely look at each suggestion we get and discuss how/if it would be implemented into Edencraft. We closely work about the plugins we already have, and add our own custom plugins and features to make them better. Better is better, right?

I'm interested, what can I look for when I first join Edencraft?

Well, the first thing you will see is our stunning server spawn area, as seen in the images above. This is where you are safe. Once you have woken up from the coma that the sheer amazement of the spawn has given you, you can go and play!

Are there any rules on the server?

In short term. No.
Having no rules ensures that you can play how YOU want to. Although we enforce a strong "Common Sense" rule. This means that hacked clients of any kind, abuse, racial slurs or any anti-social behavour will be acted upon. Period.

Moving on to greifing.
Greifing is a big problem in any minecraft server. You don't want your house that you spent hours building destroyed by some loser right? That's why we have Landclaim installed. Landclaim allows you to protect your builds, but also give other users permissions to certain areas or even the entire claim. If you are unsure a full tutorial can be found at /warp info. Greifing is only allowed when it is not within a claim. Even if you have permissions to build there, do not greif it. Greifing is a form of abuse and will not be tolerated.

Can I apply for staff?
Staff is not something you saught after. It is earned. Being a staff member makes you no better than anyone else. It is not a perk. There is no applying for staff here. If we feel like you would be helpful to Edencraft, we will notify you. Asking about it will just steer you in the wrong direction.

I could go on for hours rambling about how Edencraft is the best server you've ever played on. Or you could join and see for yourself! I hope to see you very soon. Thankyou for taking the time to read this.

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