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Covalent Cloud was a server designed to be invitational and feature all of your favourite servers, We've created a Cloud where you can select from your most loved and cherished server types to continue and create a brand new adventure experience for you and not only will this adventure be for you, You will eventually meet and greet new friends across our cloud and team up to become some of the strongest teams out there.

Factions: Our Factions Server has been designed to be hardcore except, our items are classifed as stronger than your average server. We aim to target players who are interested in God Gear and creating huge events to expand and develop the Community. On our Factions server, we have purposely enabled that you can open chests in enemy territory to bring a element of complexity into the server.

Covalent Games: Our Covalent Games plugin was designed to be similar to the well known and loved Hunger Games except there's a huge twist. In the Covalent Games you are offered to choose a kit which many of which have special abilities and in some circumstances giving you the chance to survive or regrace, for example:
Bomber: Upon death you will explode like a creeper and in some cases revenge will be taken.
This is just one example of our many kits. After every single game of the Covalent Games the top 3 winners will receive a reward and after completing many games they will be able to proceed and purchase one of our kits.
You can also purchase Credits from our BuyCraft Shop to easily gain access to the premium kits. We do offer a
/kit random which will give you a random kit whether its premium or not although to keep and secure your favorite kit you would have to purchase it via our shop. (/buy)
Our plugin has also been known to be "Self Smart", by saying this I mean after every single game our server will automatically restart and generate a new map but it doesn't just generate a new map, it will make sure that once every user is transported to 0,0 that they will not spawn in the middle of Lava, Oceans E.T.C.

Survival Games: We also have the cherished Survival Games plugin which has been around for quite some while now, except we've done a lot of edits to the plugin so that you can find or do the following:
View your Statistics
Send your own world in
Map Randomizers
Special Chests
Due to our developers working extremely hard in perfecting all of our plugins, We have made this plugin completely free meaning that all of the premium features are always completely free and always will be.

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