This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Factions-Only, (We plan on expanding to other minigames and plugins depending on the amount of players!)
3.5GB Uplink, (We also plan on upgrading with the player base)
100 Slots
Simple Spawn Area
Sign-Shop (with spawners)
(There is also a farmers market, where you can make a lot of money selling crops!)
Anti xRay (Protect those chests!)
Anti Cheat (PvP should be easier without all these hackers.)
Cheap, diverse donation packages with all sorts of custom weapons and armor!
3 homes for the default player!
Easy faction joining system!
Monthly Contests!
Right Now: YouTube Trailer Contest!
Design a trailer showcasing all the features of VoarCraft!
1st place: Gold VIP Rank!
2nd place: Iron VIP Rank!
3rd place: Stone VIP Rank!
Join now!
(I know it's weird, we will change it later.)

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