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The Forest Economy server! [1.7.4] [24/7] [CREATIV


The Forest Economy server! [1.7.4] [24/7] [CREATIVE/SRUVIVAL]

The Forest is a economy server created by Haslien.
The Forest has 3 diffrent worlds. One of them are creative world, and the other is survival plot world and the last and the best is Normal survival world. Ohhh yea I forgot that we also have The end and Nether just like any other servers.

[1] Griefing and stealing is not allowed!
[2] No disrespect staffs or other players.
[3] Dont abuse your rank if you are so.
[4] No racism.
[5] No full caps.
[6] Dont ask for itemsoprank. Asking for it will decrease your chance of getting it.
[7] 1x1 Towers are count as griefing!
[8] No advertising!
[9] No client(s)hack(s)exploit(s)!
[10] This is a english server so if you dont speak english you will get punished!
[11] No spam. (Saying the same more than 2 times count as spam)
[12] Follow the rules or gtfo.

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