This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Tribes & Trades


Tribes and Trades is a PvP/Raid server based around creating a Tribe, finding members for your tribe, and expanding its borders. Players can gain levels for a huge range of things including Mining, Sword fighting, Cooking, Farming and Enchanting and much more! It also features Titles which are gained by getting achievements. New titles and features are added frequently by our admins and our own developers.


  • Tribes - See '/t help' for more info.
  • Leveling - See '/levels' for more info.
  • Parties - Use '/party ' to make a party.
  • Achievements - Play to gain achievement titles.
  • Titles - Set your achievement title by using '/title' to see them and '/title set ' to set it.
  • Stats - View '/stats' to see what your statistics are.
  • Runecraft - See Runecraft wiki for more information.
  • Events - We will regularly have events where you can win prizes and more!


  • Frozenkitten & Hatec - Our server owners who are dedicated to improving your experience, such as new plugins, adding achievements/titles every other day and holding events.

  • theguynextdoor - Your friendly neighbor and T&T's own developer who's constantly working on updating and improving our servers plugins, including Tribes, Levelling, Titles and more! Guy and the Owners are open to suggestions from players so we can improve the server.

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