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RysenRPG {1.9} {Spigot} {Quests}


RysenRPG is a Vanilla 1.9 based Server. The server is in the near-completion stage of development. We're technically not ready for general public use, but we're getting close. PDF Version:


A stable platform based on Vanilla 1.9 Minecraft. We leverage Spigot so we have a handful of interesting plugins that contribute towards an RPG style theme. Staff members are still actively putting the finishing touches on a set of Quests and other building artifacts to add to that theme.

The hardware is commercially hosted (Xeon E5, 8 cores, 64Gb RAM, SSD, etc.. on 100Mbit/s backbone located in the center of North America). (This isn't a VPS rented for cheap)

The core staff are experienced at managing servers and the systems underneath the software. The primary admin (aka Janitor) has been developing software professionally for over 24 years. Other staff roles are filled with exceptionally gifted young people. Some of them need a little bit of coaching here and there, but mostly they are able to support the user base we want to attract.

The server is clean. By that we mean that the server operates with a set of simple rules to keep behavior in line with a typical family oriented server. We're not supportive of abuse, vulgarity, or other shenanigans. We want to run and maintain a safe and fun place to play Minecraft. We have a set of rules and they are fairly typical of most servers that want to keep things on the up and up. No surprises here.

What we are looking for

Concerning Staff

One, we are looking for really talented staff. One of the main problems facing servers is the lack of experienced staff to help build, support players, and advise and direct lesser experienced staff members. These gifted staff members are few and far between. So, although it is not likely we'll get swarms of people to apply, we do want to open it up -- If you are a good Minecraft player and developer (builder, systems maker, quest designer, creative-type-person), then please consider joining us. We offer a stable platform and safe place to continue your development of Minecraft builds/systems. We have several ranks of "Staff"

At the beginning (or for the lesser experienced) we have a Mod role (a Moderator) who understands the basics of Minecraft well enough to deal with players day to day and help resolve issues (help them as much as to keep the game fun without giving away everything).

Then above that we have two roles: Engineer and Janitor
Engineer's are very experienced with Minecraft. They may have run servers themselves in the past, they know how to configure things, they understand the implications of certain plugins and mods and how things may interact. They've dealt with all kinds of players and have mentoring skills to help teach and train. They can be trusted to take care of things.

The Janitor is a special role that has a bit more access and trust, and is what would be called "the person who runs the Engineer team".

Depending on your level of experience, we may be able to find a suitable role, or make one for your special talents. We're flexible.

So in a nutshell -- we need good Staff to keep things running smoothly (and to get ready finally)


The other group we're looking for is Players. Players who like Minecraft and the RPG theme. Players who don't mind a glitch here or there. Players who want to just have fun, be social, and contribute to the fun had by all. Moreover we want Players who are just out to play the game and not create Drama. You know what we mean. If you're an avid player who likes RPG based servers, and wants to help contribute to the social fun and interaction with others, then try us out. If we appeal to you then please continue to play.

As stated above, we're technically not really "ready for the public" (have a few things to fix), but when is a server really ever ready? In fact the more we have join, then perhaps we can find/fix/resolve the last remaining issues. Your comments would also be welcome too. We have nothing to hide and everything to gain if you join us.

How to Join
The details on how to join were intentionally left for last. We wanted you to read through all of that because it was important. Thank you for reading.

The address is:

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