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[565Craft] [1.7.2]


565Craft is a mini games server thats so much fun!
We have kind staff , cool worlds and nice rank names.

The mini games we have are Hide n seek , spleef , pvp and pve

-= Hide n seek =-
A world in which there is an arena and you get chosen to be a hider or a seeker. Hiders are automatically disguised as a random block and have to hide near something like itself. Seekers ... well ... seek!

Here you have to break blocks under people to make them fall . If you are the last man you win!

Here you go in arenas and battle each other. if you kill someone you keep there stuff.

Here you battle mobs in a pve arena to get xp!

We also have non-minigame worlds such as Plotworld and Freebuild.

This is a non-grief world where everyone has there own plot of land and can build anything they want in it. You get a plot by either manually finding one and typing /plotme claim or just typing /plotme auto for it to automatically teleport you to one and claim it.

Freebuild is a world where you can either just gather materials for PlotWorld or you can create epic builds with the open space.

Hope you join us and see for your self at

What are you waiting for ...Join now!!!

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