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Reality Is Craftable!! Now under new managment!! Come see what we've got!
A 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 366 days of the year ONLINE Survival server!
-The Thu'um!!
-RPG elements intigrated with the survival aspect of the server!!!

  • Many many more that you can check out on the server!

    Server description:

Reality started off as a simple town. It lasted this way for a few decades. Peaceful, simple, easy. Then one day... HE came. No one knows who HE is or what HE wants.. But when he moved in, giant glowing crystals appeared and slowly the world started to change. An alternate reality appeared that brought new people to our land. Giant buildings started to grow and suddenly our town changed into something no one recognized.

Now, monsters are attacking. CREATURES are starting to command them. These are dangerous times now. We need help. We need these new people to save us. We need YOU to save us. We have weapons and armor to give you and their are rumors that the monsters and warlords of the horde hold incredible weapons and armor of their own to any would-be adventurer brave enough to try and kill them.

Please. Help us. We need you. REALITY needs you.

Is the survival server of the Shadowed Universal community. Check us out on Youtube and Facebook!
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