This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Jerseycraft (kitpvp) IP: 1v1



Two Map


This is a kitpvp server that requires skills not only in pvp but also in teaming, players can earn money by killing each other and buying gear, Skills in pvp and general minecraft are required. 1v1 arena is is available combat stats can be leveled by fighting and not camping. voteing is enabled..

After Hours of Coding and Building Its Finally Ready! Everything from Custom Settings, to Kits, to 1v1s, to Anti-Hack, We Have It All. What are you waiting for? hop on


  1. no spamming or hacking
  2. no complaining
  3. raiding is promoted along with the use of tnt connons
  4. use common sense
  5. no excessive use of curses or caps


    1. Hero
    2. Semipro (Donator)
    3. Pro (Donator)
    4. legend (Donator)
    5. DemiGod (Donator)
    6. God (Donator)

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