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Plasma-pvp is fun raid/greif/survival/minigame server
There is lots to do on this server, we have minigames and
were adding more and more! Survival games/hunger Games/SkyBlock/kitpvp
Are some of the mini games! Survival is our main focus though.
We have had some beta/alpha testers and they love the server.
Mining: We have a custom generator that generates less ores so
it is more of a challenge server to get items/money and what not.
There are custom enchants/plugins.

Custom enchants:
Blast - (use shift to use, blasts you up in the air)
Plasma - (when a sword/item attacks a player the player takes more damage)
slow - (Gives the player slow when is attacked by the enchant)
wither - (When attacked by a player with the enchant sets there harts black)

Custom plugin allows use of:
/rabbit (everyone has this command, gives you jump boost)
/miner (very cheap comes with the $2 miner rank) gives you torches and haste forever
/strength (comes with Ghost Rank) Gives you strength potion effect
/regen (comes with ghost rank) Gives you regeneration potion effect
/strafe (comes with demon rank) Gives you speed potion effect
/levy (comes with demon rank) Gives a load of potion effects, dont worry there are also a price to pay for this when is used so there not op

This custom plugin also completely removes admin abuse.

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