This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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CraftBudder PvP | Survival | Creative | Minigames



Welcome to CraftBudder, a network of different servers that offer a variety of gamemodes:

PvP: A factions server, only for the ones that like the best PvP experiences in the world! Team up with other players to kill other faction members, steal all their stuff and grief all of their precious bases!

Survival: A server for more peaceful players, that don't want to worry about getting raided all the time. PvP is disabled and griefing isn't allowed. Create a town, buy and sell your items in the shop and make the biggest town of the server!

Creative: Infinite Plots world where you can claim plots and build anything you could ever imagine! Add people to your plots to build together, or switch to survival gamemode and play Player-Made Minigames!

Play: "Coming Soon!" A server that offers 8 different awesome Minigames! On the server you can play Hide n Seek on the maps that were built by a team of awesome builders! Kick your opponents off a hill in the minigame King of the Hill, fight for the items in the well-known Hunger Games, shoot the ducks in Duck Hunt or throw snowballs at eachother in Paintball! Run for the flag in Capture the flag or play in the old-fashioned PvP-Arenas in BattleGround! Break the floor under the feet of your opponents to make them fall out of the map in Spleef!

That all shows you that you will never get bored if you play on CraftBudder!!

We also have a site,
And a TeamSpeak 3 server! IP:

Our staff team is selected out of players that meet the requirements to join. Every following step can increase the chance of earning a staff rank on the server.

First of all, you don't ask for it. The staff team will pick people who are experienced enough to join the team. If you ask for it, there's a 99% chance you will never get it.
Be online on the server and forums a lot.
Be at least 12 years old. (At least!!!!)
Vote for the server
Help build nice buildings for the server. (Nice = awesome, cool, amazing, useful,.................)
Do not be staff on an other server or own a server. If you have owned a server in the pas or if you were staff in the past that's cool.
Do not lie to anyone about anything
Get lots of people on the server
Be friendly
Follow the rules
Have skype and teamspeak 3
Be at least User rank
Donating increases chance to rank up
Advertise the server! Only advertise where it is allowed! (PMC, MCForums,......)
And so on and so on...

Our staff team currently exists of these nice people:

[Owner] Presidentx

[Admin] davd2017
[Admin] Chaoticfish
[Admin] War_lord12

[Mod] masterminer89

[HelpOp] ethanm2011
[HelpOp] Maggzilla12


While you play on this awesome server, I have to pay the bills for it every month. You can help me out and donate for the server! There are a lot of different packages that you can buy, from montly subscriptions to one-off payments! They range from €1 to €20, so even if you don't get a lot of pocket money every month, you can still help the server out! Check out the shop at!


The server is still growing, and to gather more players, you can vote on the server lists! You will get 100 Site Points for every vote, and you can spend these points on awesome packages that you can use on our servers! You can even buy ranks with them!


Every server must have rules, because without them it would be total chaos, but on craftbudder, we want people to have fun. There are rules, that you can check in-game with the command /rules, but we think every player out there knows that spamming, advertising and such is allowed nowhere, so you should know what is allowed and what isn't, and if you break a rule you will follow the consequenses.

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