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Welcome to Flashcraft Hardcore Server.


Welcome to Flashcraft Hardcore Server. This is our 6th server in Flashcraft Series.

FHC is a survivor faction server with PvP and Griefing damage allowed. There are many interesting plugins added
to make this server fun n exciting.

You can use a lead to tame your pet. This pet can act as your guardian n pvp with you against your enemy.

Trying to find raids? Our FHC GPS tracker enable you to find the player easier n faster. Thus, you have to find
ways to raid your enemy since tnt and creeper eggs are very rare in this server.

Join jobs to earn money n level up yourself. You can join up to maximum 3 jobs. Come and be a Miner, Hunter or a Fisherman now..

Like all servers there are ranks available for players to buy. One thing different, ALL RANKS ARE IN GAME MONEY BUYING!

No donations needed in this server. Flashcraft practice the theme of "play to win" not "pay to win". We would like to offer
players to enjoy a free money stress server to play in. No need to worry that your rank is lower because you do not have
enough money to buy high rank. What you need to do is just work yourself in the server to gain your in game money. And you will
be able to buy the rank you want. You can also vote to gain more exciting loots.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us now!

Our server ip is FHC.FlashcraftMC.Com

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