This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Medieval Factions PvP


Server Name: Medieval Factions
Location: Canada, West Coast
Server Address:
Plugin List: NoCheatPlus, Anti-Xray, BlockNotif, Essentials, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, BOSEconomy, Factions.
Rules: No Hacking, No Racism/Discriminatory Language or Actions, No Spam/Advertising, Remain respectful not only to admins but other players too.

Some Pictures:

Description: Welcome to the public test of my classic-esque factions server! By classic we mean no 200 block spawn protection, no multi-world hubs with skyblock and kit pvp, just good old fashioned blow-em-up-with-tnt factions warfare!

REMINDER: The world WILL be reset once we go full public and have all the permissions etc configured, don't expect to get your stuff back after reset, we won't be refunding anything.


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