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Impervious PvP ~ Under Construction


Hello all,

This server is a faction PvP server. This means you can make your own faction (teams), destroy other people's bases and fight each other in order to get each others armor. You can raid, as well. We only ask of you to follow these rules, and to have fun!~

Basic Rules

1: No homophobia.
This includes calling others a 'faggot', 'dyke', 'gay'.

2: No excessive amounts of swearing.
You can swear, just not with multiple words in a row.

3: No advertising of any kind.

4: No racism. This includes the word 'nigger.'

5: No building of gentailia, or swastika.

6: No TP luring.
This is when you offer a product or service for someone to TP to you, and then kill them.
Example: "Free diamonds! TP to me for them." And then killing the player

7: No scamming.
This includes, but is not limited to:
Offering a service or product for X amount of money, receiving the money, and not giving it to the player.
Offering money for a product or service, receiving product or service, then not paying the player.

8: No harassing other players.

9: No 'cybering'.
This includes but is not limited to:
Asking for nudes
Asking for other random players to skype you
Roleplaying sexual favours

10: Listen to, and respect all staff members.
If they tell you to stop doing something, stop doing it.
If you need help, wait patiently, and don't spam them and be rude.

-If you have a player complaint, and no staff are active, you may post a complaint in the 'Player Complaints' forum.
-If you believe a ban was unfair, you may post an appeal in the 'Ban Appeals' forum.

Basic Commands

/spawn - teleports you to the server spawn

/tpa [username] - asks a player if you can teleport to them

/tpaccept /tpdeny - accepts and denies teleportation requests

/f new [name] - allows you to create your own faction, remember to make a good name!

/f home - teleports you to your faction home

/f invite [username] - invites a player to your faction

/warps - list the server warps

Faction Commands

/f create - Allows you to create a faction, and name it.

/f join - Allows you to join a specified faction.

/f leave - Allows you to leave the faction you currently are in.

/f disband - Allows you to remove your faction.

/f invite - Allows you to invite someone into your faction.

/f power - Allows you to check your faction power.

/f help - Allows you to see other commands relation to faction'ing.

If you have any other commands you want to know about, you can ask in-game or message a staff member.

Keep watch on this guide, as it may change and we don't want you to be banned from the server!


~ The Impervious PvP Staff Team

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