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Best MiniGame Network! Galaxacraft!


Hello everyone,
It is our pleasure to introduce to to you an up and coming server to you, perhaps one of the best of its kind. To avoid questions later on about what our server features we might as well just explain it to you now so you know exactly what we are and what we are about. We are a community driven on the competitiveness of minigames and the such, as well as the skill from our Survival based PvP server. We take great interest in what the community has to say about us so we are always open to suggestions and feedback, a great number of our features on the server are based off of player feedback.

We, the Galaxacraft team have been planning to release this server straight to you for quite some time now but have since made delays to ensure everything is up to par for the community. We have made improvements to the server during those delays; improving aesthetics, accessibility, adding plugins and other things. More or less trying to make it the best server it can possibly be. What good would it be to run something that does not run to the best of its ability? It would not server any good, which is why we have spent countless hours, more close to days, to have a well-tuned server.

We have many of the games you all have come to love and adore, as well as a few new ones or some with a twist!
-Splegg:This game is a game with a twist, originally made by TheHive. In this one you equip a shovel and you throw eggs at the floor, crazy right? Same rules still apply though, the last one standing is the winner. We are currently adding new maps for this game every week, so our community has the freedom of choice!
-SkyWars:This one is also a game with a twist, originally made by the SwipeShot team. In this one, you and three other players are dropped on islands separated from each other, much like skyblock. However, for this, you must make it your mission to eliminate the competition by any means necessary. Be it playing defensively or offensively you will be guaranteed to have lots of fun!
-Terminator:This one is a game all our own! User suggested, we took it upon ourselves to pursue such an amazing idea. In this game, one player will be designated as an invincible player with weapons and the such, much like Terminator. It is the job of the other players to wander our massive map and find the eight Nether Stars to win the game. If the Terminator gets you, you lose, if you and the others can get the Nether Stars then it is your victory!
-SuperCraftBros:For this game you can play as mobs from the game, with their respective abilities! Spiders jump incredibly high and skeletons fire arrows, and so on. A classic among servers, and now on ours, SCB will be an amazing game for you and the community.
-SurvivalGames:Another community favorite, we have brought this to our server and here to you.
-Factions:Like the name implies, factions is available on our PvP server. This allows users to from alliances with others and rival other factions. This diverse community is always an interesting one, which is why it is a mandatory thing for our server.
-Creative:This is for users to build whatever their heart desires, and just get creative. Users start out with a plot of land and work their way up if they choose to do so, giving you more land to build on!

We are currently working on even more things to bring to you!

If you do join the server thanks for choosing Galaxacraft, and enjoy your stay!!
We try as hard as we can to please all of our players, even non-donors!

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