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Hades Domain | PvP-Factions-McMMO-BossBattles


Whats Hades Domain You May Ask?

Its a unique server, as much as we hope, that brings all your favorite plugins into one big mash-up of fun! The servers main theme is PVP (along with McMMO, and Raiding). But I have also included a story told by Jeffyboyy, where Hades was cast onto the Overworld instead of the Nether. He decided to stay on the Overworld and reek havoc, putting temple YOU have to destroy all around. Once all four temples have been destroyed, you get to fight HADES, who can be extremely difficult to kill. Once the task is done however, the drops you can get are absolutely game-changing. We also strive to provide a friendly, fun, and action-packed environment for all of you wishing to accept the challenge!

Plugins We Have :
-Silk Touch Spawners
-Player Vaults (not too big though!)
-PlayerHeads (on kill)

With all of these, we can guarantee youll have a blast and truly enjoy what we have for you. Weve played many years of PVP/Survival servers, and from what we have gathered from each one, we believe we can create a great server that will have a little something for everyone to enjoy.

We have Great Donation kits that suit everyones needs at some point. They are good for the money you pay, and I believe with enough of them, we could really turn this into one of the best servers available to man-kind. But first, we need loyal members who log in everyday and give that spark to the community.

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