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Projection 24/7 Hub


Projection is a fun PVP Factions Creative KitPvP Skyblock server that offers a lot of fun features to it. We have included an Creative part of our server for those of you that like plotme and creative.We always try to provide the best for our players to make it as fun as possible. As always join and have fun!

Be sure to Vote everyday to receive rewards!
In game do /vote and click on the links!

Raiding is what makes this server up! Build you faction up make it strong then try to raid another players base sometimes hitting the jackpot and sometimes only getting a little!

Factions! Create your faction add friends to it and become the strongest faction on the server and dominate others. Be careful though! Others are also trying to raid your base so make sure you have a good well protected base!

Creative is a part of our server that is plotworld. If you just feel like building and awesome structure and want to show it off to your friends then you should play this part of the server!

Skyblock is a amazing part of our server to where you can get an island with your frieds or by yourself and start making a nice island.

KitPvP is also amazing you head into a arena with your friends and pick a kit and start pvping.

Server Web Store! This is a place where you can buy Ranks, Items, Server Money and more! If you want to be the top player on the server you can purchase our highest ranks on our server! P.S Ranks are Server WIDE!

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