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VillaCraft Pixelmon

VillaCraft Pixelmon


Come vibe with us!

VillaCraft Pixelmon aims to be a neutral and friendly place to relax and vibe. We aim to provide a relaxing gameplay experience, one thats free from stress and drama.

Our features? Lets see:

  • Player run gyms and Elite 4 with true competitive experience
  • Pixelmon integrated shops, for all your item needs
  • Customised Spawn Rates for Legendaries, Shinies and More!
  • Discord to chat and organise trades with bridge chat, talk to the players online even if you aren't!
  • Discord Market Place for easy buying, selling and trading.
  • Grief Defender Claims
  • Teams/Clans
  • Always on the latest Pixelmon version once stable.
  • No P2W, anything on the donation store can be bought using in-game currency too!

If this interests you, come check us out! We'd be honored to be your new home.

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