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"Have the extravagance of a lifetime on ExtravaganceMC!"

If you post your in-game name on this thread, you will receive the FREE builder rank!

ExtravaganceMC is a new Bukkit PvE (Player vs Environment) server offering many extravagant features and plugins that enhance your experience to the maximum, while maintaining the vanilla feel of Minecraft; such as:
mcMMO - RPG feel to ExtravaganceMC!
Factions - Claim your outstanding builds to avoid griefers!
ChestShop - Buy and sell anything!
TreeAssist - Get a helping hand with cutting down trees!
Shops - Make your own customized shop!
Creative - Enter the creative world to build with unlimited resources!
And much, much more!

At ExtravaganceMC, it is our mission to make sure everyone is having fun and being safe at all times; and our extremely friendly, well-trained staff are always online to make sure of that.
Each and every staff member will be more than happy to help you with anything you need - just ask!

ExtravaganceMC currently has the following worlds for you and your friends to adventure on:
Survival World,
Nether World,
End World.
BigCreative World,
SmallCreative World.

ExtravaganceMC has many ranks to keep the server fun and interesting; ranks go as:
Member - Builder rank, access to many awesome features within ExtravaganceMC.
Builder - FREE RANK, gained access to even more awesome features within ExtravaganceMC.
Supporter - Donor rank, more info on the website.
Patron - Donor rank, more info on the website.
Legionnaire - Donor rank, more info on the website.
Knight - Donor rank, more info on the website.
Paladin - Donor rank, more info on the website.
Legate - Donor rank, more info on the website.
Archduke - Donor rank, more info on the website.
Legendary - Donor rank, more info on the website.
Elite - Donor rank, more info on the website.
Moderator - Staff rank, moderates everything and everyone.
Admin - Staff rank, advanced moderator.
Owner - Staff rank, owns ExtravaganceMC.

ExtravaganceMC's rules are very strict.
Therefore, we advise you not to break and follow the following rules:
No advertising.
No griefing, raiding, or stealing.
No scamming.
No xray or any sort of modification that is unfair.
No obscene language or racial intolerance, keep chat clean.
No spamming of chat or excessive use of CAPS.
No begging for rank, OP, or items.
When you want to build in the wilderness, please do not build near someone else's builds/faction.
Be respectful of staff and other players at all times.

Thank you for reading, and welcome to ExtravaganceMC!

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