This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to Blaze-Prison!

Blaze-Prison used to be a server that I had run a while back, unfortunately, due to the 1.8 update it caused us to shut down until a safe build of either craftbukkit, or spigot came out.
Now that 1.8 has come to a stable build, we are able to re-open the server. We had lost the previous files, so we have completely made the server from scratch once again!

Here at Blaze-Prison, we are more then just an average server. We not only implement different prison aspects, but we also provide Factions to use either after completing ranks A-Z PLUS Prestige-I through Prestige-V. After Prestige-V you become Escapee. After that you are able to access our Factions world!

We have also implemented PlotMe into our server, along with chest shop, so players are able to own their own plots, and make their own shops to help the economy grow.

This is also an averagely over powered server, with larger enchantments then just 1-5. Not to mention, the pricing of each rank is outrageously high, however, it is possible!

We hope to see you soon, and enjoy your stay at Blaze-Prison!

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