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Let's Tango


Let's Tango is a relatively new server brought public Loonytoon. Being in the works since late September, it originally began as a small 15 slot server in late May as a getaway for friends to play and have fun on without the worry of an unfriendly environment. It didn't take long for the server to adopt the name of "Tangocraft," and soon after the decision to go public, "Let's Tango" was decided upon. Now Let's Tango is facing the beginning of 2015 with many new and exciting possibilities for players to have fun, while still remaining to stand as a friendly community for all to join.

Let's Tango is a new server that offers a variety of plugins and features for the enjoyment of the community, including;

  • Project Korra; Players can choose to bend one of the 4 elements, or block them by being a Chiblocker.
  • Factions; Create your own, or join another, to battle other factions alongside your friends and allies.
  • PlotMe; Claim a plot and build anything you'd like using creative mode!
  • Bending Arena; Using only bending, fight against other players without the worry of losing items or faction power.
  • Bending Masters; Think you're the best of the best? Prove it by defeating anyone who dares to challenge you.
  • Minecraft 1.8; Are you excited to mine some new ores and find a few bunnies? Or eat some mutton?

...and more!

After much work and dedication, Let's Tango is finally for public play!
Please report any bugs you find directly to Loonytoon, or post them on the forums, along with suggestions.

So what are you waiting for? Go join:

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