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This is a server that has taken the advantage of Bukkit and the minds of very creative people to make an awesome game for the community to play. You will rank up with the emeralds you get from sniping people or beating the challenging park-our. You can customize your class to prepare for the ultimate Sniping combat. You can go into a arrow on arrow battle on any of these three hardcore game modes:

You and your friends play in a live combat battle were you fight to the death. You get to choose and upgrade your item's as you advance in the game. The class you choose from makes it very diverse allowing you to upgrade to your liking, as there is are Primary and Secondary weapons to choose from along with perks and 2 swords(Keeping it strictly Arrows only).

Everyone on the server gets a Sniper that shoots a instant-kill object. Maps are specially designed for this special game mode as you die the instant you get shot, so we keep them nice and big. One of our most basic but beloved game modes.

You get to customize a special bow we like to call the Archer Bow. In the beginning (When you join the server), you get a plain untouched bow. Then as you progress and get emeralds you can purchase enchantment's for your bow. You also get to use this bow in the lobby for our specially designed firing range, that means when you add the enchantment to your bow you get to use that bow both in the lobby and on the battlefield. Show your power and skill in the classic battle of Archer.

The server is completely automated plus has a secure and advanced way to save player's data, so it will never get lost or corrupted. You can suggest new game modes or mini games at out website as we are constantly upgrading our server.

Hosting provided by MCproHosting.
Fixed some bugs and glitches.

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