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Amia-Craft is a dedicated 24/7 server based on having a kind environment for all to play, with no PvP, or griefing. Currently we are a small community, and looking to grow. This server is also a towny economy server!


- Players are able to make free towns
- You can stay playing with your friends, but if you accumulate $1k, you can actually   
   make a town where everyone can join, just contact me, neonlatias, and I will
   check and approve it!
-  Public towns will be put on a warp board, and server members may contact you
   to join!

  • What's that? What makes OUR economy style different, and unique? Well…I
    dunno, maybe the fact that YOU the players, get to run it? That's right! A player-run
  • There is a central market where you may buy plots. However, they cost $50.00,
    and you start out with $30.00! Where do you get more money? Well, sell certain
    items at the Pawn Shop in the market to get what you need! (Cobblestone, dirt,
    sand, gravel, redstone, and seeds)
  • Once you buy your plot, how do you sell things? Use a quickshop! A tutorial for
    using these is at spawn, simply look at that.
  • Remember, you get to choose how much you sell items for, but sell for too much
    money, and no one will buy from you! Sell for too little, and you'll be running out!

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