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2 years ago my friends and I ran this server on 1.7, Life got in the way and we shut it down, I have decided to bring it back and update it to 1.8.8!
This is NOT a OP Prison Server! I believe that you get more fun and enjoyment by playing prison how it was originally intended. On here you earn everything you get and be proud of what you have achieved!
If you expect to have all OP gear the second you join then this server is not for you!

Some of our features!

15 custom environment ranks!
Lucky Mines!
Custom Mob Arena!
PVP Arena!
240 Individual Prison Cells!
FreePlay Area!
Secret Shop!
Prison Guards!
Key Crates!

Features to be added
Custom Built Freeworld
Custom Boss's

While i am still fixing the tiny little bugs most of the server is working fine, feel free to join and say hello!

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