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Hikerial MC was started as a way to give us the experience we wanted. We have recently opened our group to the public on a fresh world. Many features are already added and many more are to come plus we take feedback and will make additions/adjustments suggested by players!

Current features:
-Discord Chat Bot to communicate from the server to discord and vice versa!
-EggCatcher to have a percentage chance at catching a mob spawn egg when you throw a chicken egg at a mob!
-Unlimited player homes
-Land Claims at a faster accrued rate than normal servers!

Features to come:
-Custom trade system at spawn for custom resources that will be able to be forged into custom gear!
-More built at spawn!
-Ranks and event tags!
We will also be resetting the end and nether every couple months so we can regenerate the end cities and spawners in the nether so everybody has a chance to get spawners.

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