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Shaping the way Factions is played, one day at a time.

Our Servers Current Features

Factions is our Base Gamemode, if you don't know what Factions is I will tell you. Factions is quite simple you can claim land raid other players steal their items, loot chests you find and more. You can also overclaim other players.

CrateKeys is a rewards plugin, you can obtain keys for the different types of crates we have on the server, you can obtain the keys by mining or donating and you can even get the keys by killing mob's.

We are currently working on a GUI based shop for the server which should be released soon for your enjoyment. It won't contain every single item in the game, in fact it won't contain a lot of items at all. The shop will have a good amount of items but the items that we leave out of the shop is because we want our players to actually work for their items.

This is another Crate rewards feature that will be on the server soon, instead of being able to open the crates like you would with CrateKeys, what you can win isn't show instead it is 100% random and you won't know what your getting until you get it. Rest assured there will be some really nice rewards packed into the crates.

That is all for now, we hope to provide our players with as much new exciting content in the weeks to come. Join us won't you and have a great time.

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