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Welcome to TriumphMC
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What is TriumphMC? It is an excellent survival server, with a hint of faction and economy. We try to make it unique for players to enjoy have the best of experiences on this server. TriumphMC Is in fact ran by mature teenagers, such as myself, and paid for by us. We are different, than the 11 year olds trying to run a successful minecraft server. We mean business. We hope you have an excellent time on the server, Join now!

What does TriumphMC have to offer? We have it all, from Awesome plugins, to excellent staff. We offer great game-play. With excellent looking builds, we hope you are amazed at everything. We hope to form an excellent playerbase of mature, and respectful people.

Who are the creators? The creators are Me, AwesomeAntlo, and a few friends named Luke_Stephens_30, and abcmatt. We worked very hard on making this server awesome for you guys, and we hope you enjoy it just like we enjoyed making it.

What are some of the great plugins TriumphMC offers? We offer Factions, Marriage, Auctions, McMMO, MineJobs, Pets (Donor Only) And much more!

Now that you know a bit about the server, how about join and find out more?
Thanks for reading, Join Now!

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